US vs Israel by numbers

Things in Israel do not look too good these days. The news is all about gender-segregated buses; illiberal legislation in the Knesset (stop civil society!); the absence of peace talks; Israeli Jews attacking Arabs, IDF, Jordan; the Iranian nuclear program; settlement expansion; and the continued rise of Islamists as a result of the Arab uprisings (e.g., Egypt).

But then I was wondering, how does it compare to the US with its struggling economy, secret drone program, GITMO, dysfunctional Congress and party polarization, and extended talk of the United States as a global power in decline (China!).

So much is different about the US and Israel, but why not see what some indices say. Edge US. (But, yes, these numbers all precede many of the news items above.)

Freedom House score [political rights/civil liberties]

Israel 1 / 2
West Bank 6/5 [addressing both Israel & Fatah]
Gaza 6/6 [addressing Israel & Hamas]
US 1 / 1
Puerto Rico 1/1

Corruption rank (higher rank = less corruption)

Israel #30
US #22

GDP per capita, 2010 (IMF in wikipedia)

Israel #27
US #10

Global Democracy Ranking

Israel #21
US #15

Human Development Index

Israel #17
US #4

Index of Economic Freedom (property rights)

Israel #43
US #9




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