Bill Clinton Called for Two States

Can I make one thing clear: President Bill Clinton explicitly endorsed a two-state solution while he was still president. Enough of this nonsense:

In fact, it was President George W. Bush, who in 2002 became the first U.S. president to explicitly call for an independent Palestinian state…

Clinton made that point on January 7, 2001 in a speech to the Israel Policy Forum. The point was obvious:

The parameters I put forward contemplate a settlement in response to each side’s essential needs, if not to their utmost desires. A settlement based on sovereign homelands, security, peace and dignity for both Israelis and Palestinians. (emphasis added)

I think there can be no genuine resolution to the conflict without a sovereign, viable, Palestinian state that accommodates Israeli’s security requirements and the demographic realities. That suggests Palestinian sovereignty over Gaza, the vast majority of the West Bank,…

For the Palestinian people, it means the freedom to determine their own future on their own land, a new life for the refugees, an independent and sovereign state with al Quds as its capital, recognized by all. (emphasis added)

Your land is also their land, it is the homeland of two people. And, therefore, there is no choice but to create two states and make the best of it.

Not that I expect Bill Clinton’s actual words to trump the mythology. But a little historical accuracy would be welcome.


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