Why I oppose Hegel for Secretary of Defense

I think nominating Hegel for Secretary of Defense is a terrible idea.

1. He is dead. And not recently dead. He died in 1831. I imagine it would be hard to run the Pentagon if you are dead. Not impossible but, as we say in Boston, wicked hard.

2. Not only is he dead, but he is buried in Berlin. Do we really want the Secretary of Defense running DOD from Germany? OK, Germany is a NATO ally but that is a far cry from Secretary Panetta running off to California every weekend.

3. Is someone generally associated with the idealist camp properly qualified to run a modern military? To run the most advanced military in the world?

4. Though he was friends with Schelling, it is not that Schelling, so Hegel’s knowledge of issues like bargaining and nuclear doctrine was probably quite limited.


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