Analysis: New Poll in Israel

Last week in Open Zion I analyzed the results of a new poll of Jewish-Israelis, first reported in Al-Monitor. At a general level, the poll doesn’t tell us anything new about how Jewish-Israelis feel about peace. But some of the specifics are very interesting. For example:

But at the same time, the results further support what the late Asher Arian, one of the keenest analysts of Israeli public opinion, has long argued: that the expansive nature of the security situation facilitates society’s acceptance of the need for secrecy, lack of open debate, and the government’s right to make decisions about war and peace and be closely supported. What this does is open the door to a government making what it might otherwise contend are too-controversial and -difficult decisions, opposed by key segments in society, and being supported by the majority—the overwhelming majority—of the public. This is hopeful: it means that the argument that settlers and nationalists who oppose withdrawing from the West Bank are too strong is at best conditional.

Follow the link for more.


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