Points of (Dis)agreement on a Two-State Solution

With rumors swirling that US Secretary of State John Kerry is close to convening Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, it seems like a good time to remind ourselves about the various aspects of a two-state solution. In short, what issues are likely settled and what issues are open to question? The list is admittedly not set in concrete, especially number two, but why not start somewhere:

1) The aim is two states, Israel and Palestine.

2) The June 4, 1967 lines are the starting point or basis (exact word matters) for the border between Israel-Palestine.

3) Land swaps (concept).

4) West Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. East Jerusalem as Palestine’s capital.

5) No full implementation of the Palestinian right of return.

6) Isolated Israeli settlements in West Bank are withdrawn.

Lingering questions:

A) What happens to the holy sites in Jerusalem?

B) Is Palestine demilitarized, non-militarized etc? Pick a word.

C) Will Israel acknowledge Palestinian suffering (exact wording matters) in 1948?

D) Will Israel agree to the token admission of Palestinian refugees?

E) Do Palestinians concede the Ariel salient? Maale Adumim?

F) Will Palestinians accept the “Israel is the Jewish State” language?

G) Will Israel hold out for a Jordan Valley presence?

A lot of judgment calls. What would you add or change?


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