Migron, the defensive shield

Migron is an Israeli “outpost” in the West Bank, just north of Jerusalem. The term outpost has significant meaning to  Israelis who believe an outpost has different standing than a settlement. But to most of tthe rest of the world, an outpost is just a different name for an illegal Israeli settlement in the West Bank.

The legal fight in Israel to force the government to close Migron has continued for years. The government has even selected nearby sites for moving the Migron settlers (or should they be called outposters?). But Migron remains. A banner at the outpost makes the point: “Migron: Defensive Shield for Settlement.”

Source: Haaretz.com

In that sense, Migron is the leading edge of the Israeli settlement project. For opponents, fighting over Migron means they might stem the tide. But if the banner is correct, as long as the fight over Migron drags on and on, the bulk of the Israeli project seems safe.



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